Practice & Determination Pays off for Skating Falcon

Falcon athlete, Tim Pomares epitomizes what hard work, determination, and patience can accomplish, even as a full-time student.

After qualifying in two major competitions (Alberta/NWT Sectionals and Western Canadians, in Nov/Dec), Tim finished eighth in the Men’s Novice program at the Canadian Tire National Figure Skating Championships in New Brunswick (Jan. 15). All this, despite battling back from a hip injury.

Tim is done competing for the season but still skates and continues to put in anywhere from two to four hours on the ice, daily. He also spends a couple hours/week with dryland training (conditioning and cardio) on his own, and contributions from the Sports Performance program at the Comp.

“Last year, Sports Performance really helped me stay in shape during the off-season. I’m glad I can do that again this year.”

Being in the HUB is a big help to Tim because the programming is so flexible. “I miss a lot of school with my skating. The HUB is really flexible and helps me stay on track because I can work online when I’m out of town.

“French Immersion also helps when I’m travelling. Last year, when I flew to Montreal (and had a stopover there this year), I was able to talk to people, read signs, and order food.”

What’s next for Tim?

In the spring and fall this year, he may be performing with his local skating club (Okotoks Skating Club, TBD).

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