AHSFA Students Support Art Initiative

AHSFA Art teachers, Paul Rasporich and Michelle Smyth, encourage their students to take an interest in art, in light of the month-long Month-of-the-Artist Initiative sponsored by the province

Art Falcons, Mariana Felix de Alva and Julie Hayward, are encouraged by the initiative. Julie (Grade 12) would like to see the art community-at-large be recognized for their work because, "...dedicating the whole month to [art] will let people see the work and dedication that goes into it because artists spend hours a day doing this stuff..."

Mariana (Grade 12) thinks it's important to recognize local artists, "...because they're people that put a lot of work into getting to the point that they are at and It's really important to pay attention to... the ones that also did the same work around you in your community."

Michelle Smyth, Art and Social Studies Teacher, would like all students to be curious enough in general to explore their potential for artistic creativity.

"Art isn't actually a skill you either have or you don't have, it's something that you can learn, you just have to train your brain so anybody can do that. I find that a lot of kids are scared to take an art class because they're not secure in their artistic capability and they're always comparing themselves with the person who is sitting next to them rather than comparing them with themselves so it's an individual journey as an artist," she explains. "You should never compare yourself to somebody else."

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