AHSFA Paint-A-Potty Artists

In the effort to kibosh vandalism of public washrooms in Okotoks, FSD38 student teacher, Tomikka Wallawein brought in her friend, Rhys Farrell, a world class muralist, to talk with AHSFA students about art and graffitti. Together with our own AHSFA Arts teacher, Mr. Rasporich, the conversation gave birth to the Paint-A-Potty project, a joint venture with with the Town of Okotoks.

The project boasts five AHSFA design finalists:

  • Sydney Wayne-Nixon
  • Desirae Quinn
  • Lucy Watt
  • Rori Golinoski
  • Mckenzie Osberg

Some designs are set to begin this fall, while others will be painted in the spring of 2019.

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