Accountability Survey

In you have a student in grades 4, 7, or 10 (or grades 4-12 at our smaller schools), you may have received a survey in the mail from Alberta Education. This annual survey is an important opportunity for parents to provide input into the education system.

Some of the topics covered by the survey include the quality of education your child is receiving, opportunities to learn about a variety of topics, safe and caring schools, citizenship, preparing students for the world of work, and whether or not you feel your school has improved over the past three years.

The completed surveys are analyzed by Alberta Education and are used to develop Accountability Pillars for each school and school jurisdiction. In addition to the results of the surveys done by parents, students and staff, the Accountability Pillar also looks at dropout rates, high school completion rates and student results on Provincial Achievement Tests and Provincial Diploma Exams.

Once we receive our results, they are studied at the school and division level. Each school uses the results as they review their school plans for the current year and develop their new school plans for the following year. At the division level, the results are also used to assess how well we have met our goals and what areas we may need to focus on more intently. 

The Division's Accountability Pillar is included in its Annual Education Results Report, along with information on how the Division is meeting the goals set out for it by Alberta Education and the priorities it has set at the Division level (Literacy and Numeracy; Communication, Partnerships and Engagement; and Health and Wellness). The Accountability Pillar is also used to develop the Division's Three-Year Education Plan which details the strategies the Division will continue to use and the ones it plans to introduce to continue to improve in all areas measured by the pillar as well as the priority areas it has established.

Details about the surveys, the Accountability Pillar and how to obtain results are available on the Alberta Education website.