Work Experience 15/25/35

Alberta Education recognizes the value of learning in a real-world work setting where employability skills develop as part of job exploration and job training programs.  In this environment, FCHS students have the opportunity to earn Work Experience credits while working as paid employees.

Work Experience courses enhance students’ awareness about the world of work and facilitate their smooth transition to the world of work and/or post-secondary study. The opportunities to integrate classroom study in all subjects with on-the-job experiences enable students to better explore or validate potential career interests.

Students can participate in Work Experience outside school hours as long as prior arrangements are made with the Off-Campus Coordinator.  They must also obtain approval from the work site, including the required documentation, before participating in the program.

NOTE:  Students can go directly into Work Experience 35, without completing work experience 15 or 25.

3-10 credits for each of Work Experience 15/25/35, to a maximum of 30 credits in high school. 15 of these credits may be used towards graduation requirements. Credits are earned at the rate of 25 hours per credit.


  • HCS3000 Workplace Safety Practices

Course Details

Work Experience is employment undertaken by a student as a part of a planned school program that is under the cooperative supervision of a teacher-coordinator and the employer. Consideration is given to placing students in work environments related to careers they may be exploring. Students will gain an understanding of the world of work and a particular occupation.

The Work Experience Program is a way for students of Foothills School Division to earn credits toward an Alberta high school diploma at the same time.

The first work experience course taken by a student is:

Workplace Safety Systems is a prerequisite course for the first off-campus education program taken by a student. Students enrolled in Knowledge and Employability courses may use Workplace Readiness 10-4 as the prerequisite in lieu of HCS3000: Workplace Safety Systems.

Workplace Safety Practices is a prerequisite for the first off-campus education program.   1 Credit course.

Job Preparation is the prerequisite for the second off-campus education program. 1 Credit course.

Preparing for change is skills & knowledge relating to the changing labour market,

Agriculture Safety is a prerequisite course for students enrolling in the Green Certificate Program. 1 Credit Course

Students Benefits

  • Enriched high school education while simultaneously learning valuable industry-related skills
  • 1 credit/25 hours, with the potential of applying 15 credits toward their diploma
  • Test-drive potential career path(s)
  • On-the-job training
  • Enhanced employability skills

Employer Benefits

  • Help develop and motivate young employees
  • Partner in the student educational process
  • Contribute to an important public service
  • Opportunity to offer input into school courses
  • Prepare students for effective job performance
  • Reduced cost of recruiting/training
  • Builds a pool of full and part-time staff
  • Effective vehicle for assessing prospective employees over an extended period of time under real-life working conditions

How Can You Participate in the Work Experience Program?

If you would like to participate or receive additional information about the Work Experience Education Program please contact the Work Experience Coordinator.