Thank You for Being Willing to Give of Your Time!

In accordance with FSD38's policy, Administrative Procedure 490 (please), please take note of the necessary required documentation before you are able to volunteer for us.



  • Form 490 - 1 ..... Volunteer Registration Form
  • Form 490 - 2 ..... Volunteer Confidentiality Form
  • Form 490 - 3 ..... Volunteer Offence Declaration Form
  • Form 553 - 1 ..... Volunteer Driver Authorization to Transport Students
    • Also Required 
      • Photocopy of insurance policy -- showing $2Million liability PLUS expiration date
      • Photocopy of driver's licence
  • Form 491 - 1 ..... Volunteer Coach/Supervisor Registration Form
  • Letter to RCMP .. Reducing application fee for NPOs



The Division values the contributions of volunteers in enhancing learning opportunities for students while still recognizing its responsibility to provide a safe and caring environment for staff and students alike.

Volunteer – is someone who assists the school and/or students in school related activities, not including Division employees, guest speakers, presenters, special visitors to the school or School Council members in their role as School Council members.
Visitor – is a person who visits the school as a guest speaker, presenter, and /or special person (on a non-regular basis).
In Loco Parentis – Volunteers acting in “the place of parents” are held to a standard of care requiring that they exercise wise and judicious decision making in the best interests of all students.


  1. The Principal and staff are encouraged to promote the participation of volunteers in the life of the school.
  1. Volunteers participating in the activities of schools are expected to:
    • 2.1 Provide a Criminal Record Check with the Vulnerable Sector check completed for all volunteers whose service at the school over the course of the year is likely to exceed ten (10) hours of volunteer activity;
    • 2.2 Share relevant areas of volunteer interest or expertise to assist the school in identifying volunteer assignments;
    • 2.3 Abide by the rules of confidentiality;
    • 2.4 Act in an assisting capacity with teachers and not assume functions considered responsibilities of the teacher;
    • 2.5 Seek the counsel and take the direction of the Principal or designate in any decision area(s) which may be unclear to the volunteer;
    • 2.6 Wear volunteer identification provided by the school.
  1. The Principal is responsible for:
    • 3.1 Recruiting and screening volunteers keeping in mind the safety and wellbeing of students and staff; Updated: March 2015
    • 3.2 Ensuring that volunteers act in an assisting capacity and do not assume the teacher functions normally performed by the classroom teacher;
    • 3.3 Developing school processes and procedures regarding the use of volunteers in schools;
    • 3.4 If the volunteer is acting in a professional capacity (eg. nurse, optometrist, etc), ensure that the person is qualified according to provincial requirements
    • 3.5 Approving all volunteer positions in the school, in accordance with this administrative procedure and with school-based procedures
  1. Each year, the Principal shall ensure that all volunteers whose service at the school over the course of the year is likely to exceed ten (10) hours of volunteer activity:
    • 4.1 Complete a Volunteer Registration Form (Form 490-1);
    • 4.2 Sign a Volunteer Offence Declaration Form (Form 490-3)
    • 4.3 Sign a confidentiality agreement (Form 490-2)
  1. An individual, approved by the Principal as a volunteer, will receive a copy of the completed and signed Volunteer Registration Form (Form 490-1)
  1. If a volunteer applicant has a criminal record, the Principal will review the applicant’s suitability based upon the following factors:
    • 6.1 The type of charge or offence;
    • 6.2 The age of the charge or offence;
    • 6.3 The type of volunteer work the applicant is being considered for;
    • 6.4 Whether the criminal record impacts on the applicant’s ability to perform the volunteer duties;
    • 6.5 Whether the behaviour associated with the offence(s) if repeated, will pose a threat of physical or sexual abuse to children or others; and
    • 6.6 Any other factor(s) which the Principal deems to be relevant
  1. The Principal or designate may deny or revoke permission for a volunteer to work in school(s) if the volunteer is deemed unsuitable for a volunteer position, is in breach of Board policies or behaves in a way that is contradictory to the Division mission, vision and/or principles.
  1. If an individual has his/her application for a volunteer role denied because of a Principal’s decision in (6 or 7) above, the individual may appeal the decision to the Superintendent.


Reference: Section 20, 27, 60, 61, 113 School Act
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act