Be sure to read the following information regarding FSD38's Summer School program, as well as the process for completing the registration process for your child's Summer School program. Please note that some things have changed if you have had a student go through the program in the past.

  1. DEADLINE – June 24 (Firm)
  2. ELIGIBILITY – Summer School will only be open to Foothills School Division students
    • Students starting with us in the 2018-2019 school year will also be eligible
    • Students leaving Foothills in the new year, but who are with us until the end of this year, are still eligible for Summer School
  3. REGISTRATION – All registrations for Summer School will be completed through Maplewood (details below.)
    • Current FSD students will log into their school’s Maplewood and complete their registration
    • Students starting with us next year will have their initial pre-registration completed by the office staff of their destination school
    • Pre-registration can only be completed from 'Student' accounts
      (Students have been was sent an email explaining this process)
    • Pre-registration can not be completed via 'Parent' accounts cannot complete this process
  4. DIPLOMA EXAMS – These will be written at SAIT only
    • There will be no diploma exam sittings for FSD this summer
      (Any students registering for a diploma course will write that exam at SAIT)
    • Transportation to and from SAIT will be the parent/student’s responsibility
    • Cost for exam writing is $100, payable to SAIT
  5. LOCATION – FSD38 Summer School will be held at École Secondaire Foothills Composite High School
  6. MARKS – Student progress will be entered into Maplewood on an on-going basis so that both students and parents can access their status in any class



  • *** All FSD students (in any school) have access to Summer School registration via Maplewood ***
  • From your Maplewood account (not a parent account), select the 'Enrollment' tab, then the 'Pre-Register for Summer School' tab
  • Within a week of entering your pre-registration information, students (and parents) will receive a login for Summer School - use this to log back into Maplewood, pay your Summer School Fee, and select your course
  • Shortly after, you will be emailed a receipt of paid fees and confirmation of course enrollment 


  • You don't have access to Maplewood until you have completed the 'new student' registration process 
  • During the 'New Student' registration process, if you declare your intention to attend Summer School, the school will automatically pre-registration you (please do not call the school to inquire about status)
  • Shortly after registering, students (and parents) will receive a login for Summer School - use this to log into Maplewood, pay your Summer School fee, and select your course
  • Shortly after paying Summer School fees, you will be emailed a receipt and confirmation of course enrollment


  • CALM (in-person)
  • CALM online (still need to be in the area; can not go away on vacay during Summer School)
  • MATH 10 C prep
  • MATH 10 C
  • PE 10 online



Please feel free to email Stacey Burrows (FSD Summer School Principal) at or call/text her at, (403) 422- 0121.