Special Projects 10|20|30

Credits: 3 or 5 (25 hours per credit)

Students in Grade 10 are enrolled in Special Projects 10. They may only take Special Projects outside of regular class time. Students in Grade 11 are enrolled in Special Projects 20. Students in Grade 12 are enrolled in Special Projects 30.


These classes are designed to recognize learning undertaken by a student or by a small group of students. The purpose is to encourage students to become involved in the selection, planning, and organization of their own programs in specific interest areas. Student should pursue learning, in which they already have a considerable interest and/or ability, which is NOT within the scope of the regular curriculum.

Special Project Boundaries

  • Project must be primarily student initiated and carried out under the supervision of a staff member.
  • Project must not duplicate any class offered within the school.
  • Project may not be awarded for student activities that would be considered a normal part of extra-curricular activities. (e.g. team sports, yearbook).
  • Continuing enrollment may not be approved unless learning outcomes vary from year to year, or demonstrate increased level of proficiency.
  • The student must submit a brief description to the special projects coordinator within the first two days of classes. A detailed Special Projects Learning Proposal must be submitted in the first two weeks of classes.

If you would like additional information about Special Projects Programs please contact our Special Projects Coordinator.