TMT02M – Mechanics & Robotics (Grade 10)

This CTS cluster in an introduction to the electrical and automotive shops at FCHS. This course is designed to increase a student’s familiarity with automotive maintenance, tool use and robotics systems. Students will learn to program Arduino's, prototype direct control robotics systems, work with hand tools, perform safety inspections on vehicles and develop an understanding of basic circuits, motors and forms of alternate energy.

This course will prepare students for a successful transition into higher level Automotive and Robotics coursework and future employment by emphasizing the knowledge, skills and attitudes required. In addition, this course will engage students in learning opportunities to discover their interests in practical and purposeful ways.

  • MEC1010 Modes of Mechanisms
  • MEC1015 Mechanics Tools and Materials
  • MEC 1020 Vehicle Service and Care
  • ELT 1010 Electro Assembly 1
  • ELT 1130 Robotics 1
  • ELT 1910 Robotics Project A

Robotics 20/30

Credits: Every student earns 5-6 credits minimum
Prerequisite: TMT 10 Robotics/Mechanics

In this course students will have the opportunity to fabricate printed circuit boards, control mobile robots, use sensors to enhance robotics systems and apply the skills developed to complete one or more integrated projects. Students will build on previously developed fabricating and servicing techniques to construct and test direct control robot systems. In addition, students will explore and examine artificial intelligence in a robotics system.

CTS modules included in Robotics 20/30:

  • ELT 1140 - Robotics Applications
  • ELT 2010 - Electro-Assembly 2
  • ELT 2140 - Robotics 2
  • ELT 2160 - Robotics Sensors 1
  • ELT 2170 - Robotics Sensors 2
  • ELT 2910 – Project B
  • ELT 3010 – Electro-Assembly 3
  • ELT 3140 – Motors
  • ELT 3150 – Robotics 3
  • ELT 3180 – Robotics Vision Systems
  • ELT 3200 – Robotics Artificial Intelligence

*Individual project materials are the responsibility of the student​