Principal’s Welcome

Great teaching is a multifaceted belief that embraces the challenges of the diverse needs of all learners. It is the commitment to the 21st century learner, teacher, parent, and all other community members who impact or are impacted by today’s youth.

ESFCHS|AHSFA staff is dedicated to engaging the creativity of a student’s mind through authentic and meaningful experiences that intrigue the imagination. It is an educator’s ability to embrace diversity and to celebrate individual talents by establishing supports for and collaborating with colleagues to facilitate an environment that is responsive to educational challenges. ESFCHS|AHSFA staff is determined to empower students through a holistic approach that promotes collaboration and inclusion that fosters respect and trust between students, teachers, and families. The Integrity and honesty of our staff will build authentic relationships with students and teachers, promoting a positive environment that utilizes the strengths and gifts of each other. It is through compassion and dedication that our teachers will exemplify a personal commitment and craze about education, and the future of our students, their community and society.

As educators we share our personal passion for this work by being accessible, transparent and personally active in the learning process. ESFCHS|AHSFA staff members are devoted to developing and fostering an environment that is dedicated to lifelong learning that goes far beyond the walls of our school.

Enhancing the learning experience for the learner is at the core of our work. Promoting a school environment that is authentic and meaningful to the unique talents of our students will ultimately reshape, engage and prepare the creative minds of our students.


Mr. Vincent Hunter