Medical Sciences


These courses support interest in careers in the Health Services fields such as nursing, paramedics, medicine, and EMT. They also support higher level anatomy, kinesiology, and biological sciences.

Medical Sciences 10

Credits: Every student must earn 6 credits minimum
Prerequisite: None
Required for: Medical Sciences 20

Additional costs include optional First Aid/CPR & AED Certification Course ($60)

Some colleagues such as SAIT may accept these courses as prerequisites for programs such as Kinesiology, Paramedics, Emergency Technician Nursing, and Massage Therapy


  • Basic knowledge of the dimensions of well-being including issues around adolescent health
  • First aid basics through hands-on simulations
  • Anatomy, physiology and pathology of the body systems are explored
  • Research and presentation skills are enhanced

CTS Modules

  • HSS1010: Health Services Foundations
  • CCS2010: Health Care 1
  • HSS1050: Introduction to Mentorship
  • HCS1100: Infection & Immunity 1
  • CCS1030: Caring for Body Systems 1
  • HSS3010: Professional Standards and Ethics
  • CCS1910: CCS Project A Project A

Medical Sciences 20

Credits: Every student must earn 6 credits minimum
Prerequisite – Medical Sciences 15
Required for – Medical Sciences 35

  • Advanced Human Anatomy, physiology and pathology
  • Human growth and development of infants and children
  • Advanced study of urinary, nervous, and digestive systems

CTS Modules:

  • CCS3010: Health Care 2
  • HSS3020: Mental Health and Wellness
  • CCS2030: Caring for Body Systems 2
  • CCS2040: Integrative Health
  • HCS1110 : Infection & Immunity 2
  • CCS2910: CCS Project B

Medical Sciences 30

Credits: Every student must earn 6 credits minimum
Prerequisite – Medical Sciences 25


  • Genetic and congenital conditions are researched
  • Brain/body connections and development
  • Complimentary therapies such as massage, reflexology, yoga, aromatherapy, and acupuncture are explored in a practical hands-on approach
  • Building relationships with special needs students is a focus of this course, including organizing a Diversity Track Meet

CTS Modules:

  • HSS3090: Governance and Leadership
  • CCS3020: Health Care 3
  • HCS3150: Advances in medical technology
  • CCS3060: Supporting Persons with Disabilities 1
  • HCS2100: Infection and Immunity 3
  • CCS3910: CCS Project D