Learning Support Center

The Learning Support Center, staffed by teachers and educational assistants, provides small group or individual remedial instruction for any student who experiences difficulties in some skill area. Students are encouraged to seek assistance early on in their studies.

Many students require some support beyond the regular classroom and have adapted programs. Students with special learning needs are at the heart of the individualized program planning (IPP) process. When the focus is on individual student challenges, strengths, and participation, the IPP process can reap many benefits for all persons involved. The Learning Support Teacher will facilitate and co-ordinate the development of the IPP process to:

  • Focus on effective teaching strategies and encourage well-articulated instructional / assessment plans
  • Increase understanding of individual student learning needs and strengths
  • Enhance communication between teachers, parents/guardians and students
  • Give students the skill and knowledge to be effective self-advocates and participative in learning
  • Help create a long-term vision that can help families with transitions and future planning

The Learning Support Center also:

  • Connects students with tutors
  • Offers study skills, time management and exam preparation instruction
  • Supplies a quiet area where distractions are minimal
  • Assists in overseeing the administration of Alberta Distance Learning Center courses
  • Provides ESL students with planned, systematic instruction and support that will assist in English language fluency and furthering education
  • Works with our school’s Learning Coaches to provide teachers with support in meeting the wide variety of student learning needs in their classroom