Why Students Like The HUB

“For me, It was definitely being in the HUB atmosphere. It was quiet – not many people or distractions so I was able to get work done.”

“The flexible pace was really important to me, as well as the ability to do it at home but come in when you need, so that you don’t need to stress about making it to school.”

“I think the flexible pace was a really good feature as people can work when they can to fit their schedule. I also think that the feedback from the teachers was beneficial. “

“Honestly, the peace and quiet of the hub room was really helpful to be able to drive my own learning. Also the fact that I can access it at home and on my phone was really helpful!”

“I appreciated the ability to search and complete at my own pace, research what i found important or interesting."

“I liked having the ability to do this course while fitting into my schedule with other classes.”


At times our students must seek alternative paths to educational completion, due to scheduling and timetabling complexities, physical or emotional, health challenges, learning, behavioral, family circumstances.

To ensure success for every learner, a designated area was created known as the “HUB” where the high school learner has a choice to complete one, some, or in certain cases, all of their high school courses. The HUB offers a transformative way of learning by providing students with alternative and individualized educational opportunities where they can take any course offered in the school (other than some of the CTS courses). The HUB also offers other courses that aren’t offered elsewhere in the school.

A student from any offered program, with any ability, skill or interest can access the Hub. Together, a committed team of teachers, guidance and family school liaison counsellors and paraprofessionals, learning coaches, instructional coaches, and administrators collaborate with the learner and family to create a learning plan to ensure successful completion of the course(s).

The Hub program has three main learning goals:

  1. Intentional design of engaging learning experiences that leverages both online and face-to-face instruction and provides for differentiation to meet student needs
  2. Building a balance of high quality assessments for and of learning that provide students, parents and teachers with the information they need, when they need it, and
  3. Building healthy relationships with students to help effectively remove barriers for learning

The courses offered in the HUB are all online/blended, and are created and taught by experts within Foothills School Division. Teachers in the HUB provide support during class time, while the online teachers are available by email, over the phone, or by school visits.

Reasons for taking courses in the HUB

  • The course is not offered during the desired period or semester
  • Requires an alternative timetable due to unique schedules:
    (RAP, Athletic programs, Working Students, Transportation, Extra Credits, Medical, Personal Well-Being, CALM)
  • Attendance concerns such as illness or other prolonged absences
  • Support by way of extra time or one-to-one assistance is needed
  • Traditional classroom setting does not meet student needs
  • The course is being re-taken (upgrading)

Since introducing the HUB learning environment, we’ve been able to document a successful completion rate for our students.

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