To Parents/Guardians of the Graduates of 2019…

Over the weekend, an email was sent to your graduate’s FSD email account, asking families to complete the following three things:

  1. Order Your Grad Gown Online  (Deadline = 15 Feb 19)

  • All grad gowns will be black this year – the two school colors will be represented by the V–stoles (burgundy for ESFCHS and Royal Blue for AHSFA)
  • Order your grad gown online via and provide the following info
    • Name
    • Email
    • Height (no shoes)
    • School
  1. Sign Up For Grad Photos (Feb. 14, 15 and 16) in The Small Gym

  • Lifetouch is the photographer (click on the name to be re-directed to their website)
  • All grads are encouraged to get their grad photo taken …and ensure that they have given permission (Student Consent Form) to use their Grad photo in the following capacity
    • 2018-19 yearbook
    • PowerPoint for the Grad ceremony
    • wall composite
    • the graduation special section in the Western Wheel
      • Ordering packages of photos is optional – you do not need to order a package in order to get your photo taken
  1. We Need Two Photos From Each Grad Student!

The PowerPoint this year will consist of three photos of each Grad student

  1. Your grad photo
  2. Your baby photo
  • Send your baby  photo to,  (No nude or bare bums showing please)
  • Questions regarding ‘baby’ photos can be directed to Madelyn Wilson or Justine Johnson.
  1. A “Fun” photo of a more recent you
  • Send your “fun” photo to,  
  • Photo requirements
    • Needs to show only the graduate (FOIP reasons)
    • Show appropriate dress, be displayed in a safe and caring manner, cannot contain alcohol, drugs or any related paraphernalia – In other words, must be appropriate for viewing in a school/public setting
  • Should be a recent photo
  • Should reflect something you like to do or something you’re interested in
  • Questions regarding ‘fun’ photos can be directed to Abby Rowland

NOTE: The school has the final say on all photos used in the public PowerPoint

  1. Grad Rehearsal and Breakfast (Tuesday, April 30)

  • Block-B and Flex, in the small gym and cafeteria
  1. Grad Ceremony (Friday, May 24)

  • Pason Centennial Arena, Okotoks
  1. Grad Prom Dinner and Dance (Saturday, May 25)

  • The Prom Banquet will be held at the BMO Center, Calgary
  • Read the following documents for information on booking tables, cost, refunds, deadlines, and parking
  • Purchase Tickets Online ($96/each) after April 2 (10:00 AM). The deadline to purchase tickets is April 29 (midnight). From this website, you will purchase your tickets, select your seats, indicate special dietary requests and pay for your purchase.  If you have a credit, your credit will appear on the payment page.  If there is an error with the amount of credit or it is absent – email Bonnie Ascah ASAP – BEFORE you complete your purchase.  We cannot refund any fundraised monies.
    • If you cannot pay on line, please email Bonnie Ascah  to make alternate payment arrangements
    • If you need financial assistance – please email