New Registrations to ESFCHS | AHSFA


Online appointment bookings for new Grade 10 students coming from schools within FSD will be made available via SchoolAppointments in the Spring of 2020 (dates to be announced). 

For new Grade 10 students coming from schools outside of FSD, you will book your appointments by calling the office (dates to be announced). 

If you are transferring from Oilfields or Highwood, you must speak with your current school's administration staff and complete an AP305 form before registering with ESFHC|AHSFA. Students will not be allowed to transfer/register with us until that process has been completed.



  • To book your Grade 10 appointments for the upcoming 2020/2021 school year, the software link for SchoolAppointments will be made available to FSD families (dates to be announced). Families are expected to book their appointments online -- the office can not accept phone calls to book appointments.
  • You will need to create an account on SchoolAppointments. Please remember your password -- the office does not have access to this information and you will have to follow the links online to reset your password.
  • Login to SchoolAppointments and select the correct schedule. There are two schedules: 1) Grade 10 appointments, and 2) Grade 10 ILP appointments.
  • Choose your appointment date (dates to be announced).
  • You may book one appointment per child. Please bring your child to the appointment.
  • Both ILP and non-ILP students will use the same process for booking appointments so please be sure to select the correct time slots available specifically allocated for "ILP" or "non-ILP" students.
  • ILP students please meet with the Learning Coaches (30-minute appointments).
  • Non-ILP students please meet with our Admin team or Guidance Counsellors (15-min appointments).
  • SchoolAppointments will remain open for bookings until (date and time to be announced).



  • We will NOT be accepting bookings for new registrations for NON-FSD students until (date to be announced).
  • Appointments for NON-FSD registrations will be made by calling the office only.
  • Your appointment will be booked with our Grade 10 VP. Please bring your child to this appointment.
  • If you show up for an incorrect appointment, and are not an existing FSD student, you will be required to come back after the registration date for existing FSD students.
  • Please visit our Registration page and print off all registration paperwork plus your child's birth certificate and most recent report card. Please bring these documents to your registration appointment.


Visitor parking is available in our staff parking lot, numbers 1-10.

Parking is also available in the large student parking lot
OR on Woodhaven Drive.


  • in reserved staff parking

  • OR... the bus loop 

  • OR... where signs read, "Permit Parking Only"



If you have any questions, feel free to contact the office.