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How Do I Choose The Correct Levels for Core Subjects?

A good rule of thumb is to study at the highest level you can comfortably succeed in. Your current and past teachers of the subject will give you good advice and recommendations.

How Do I Know Whether Advanced Placement (AP) Is For Me?

An AP student is someone who is highly motivated, independent, loves to learn, and is passionate about either Math or English. It’s not just about the marks in Grade 9; it’s much more about work ethic and responsibility.

AP classes move more quickly so you need to be able to learn quickly and work tirelessly on your own to keep up with the work.

I Really Don't Like Math & I'm Not Good At It. Which Math Should I Take?

For starters, evaluate your overall math skills, not just your marks from Grade 9. If you really struggle with math, need lots of extra explaining, or need re-writes to improve your mark, you might want to consider taking Math 10-3.

Conversely, if find 10-3 math relatively easy and you’re prepared to work a little harder, you might do well in Math 10C.

What Can I Do To Ensure That I Get The Courses I Choose?

Choose well to start and make sure to make your registration appointment in April.

What If I Change My Mind & Want To Change My Classes?

There is a window of opportunity to drop in or make an appointment for changing your classes one week before school starts.

Once school commences, you have another two weeks to seek assistance with changing your classes for educational reasons.

Of course, successfully changing your timetable depends on whether or not there’s room in the class you want, and it may not be possible once the time table is filled.

How Can I Be Sure to NOT Have All My Core Classes in the Same Semester?

We try to balance every student’s timetable for equal workload and, where possible, we try to accommodate special requests. You’ll receive your child’s timetable in the mail so if there are issues, please contact your counselor before school starts.

Which English Class Do I Need For Universities?

All universities require 30-1 English, but most colleges and all trades programs accept 30-2.

What’s The Difference Between Social 10-1 And 10-2?

Most universities accept both 30-2 and 30-1 Social Studies, so how do you choose? Check out some programs and websites of universities to find out if they require 30-1 Social. For those of you who will have a 2nd language and/or several Math and Science classes to Grade 12 you most likely will NOT need 30-1 Social.

For the most part, you need English 30-1 and 3 other academics, whether that’s Social 30-1 or other Math, Science, or 2nd languages.

I Struggle In School But Want To Be An Engineer. What Classes Should I Take?

This is a common problem – students have hopes of a career but haven’t yet developed either the ability, the work ethic, or the drive to achieve that dream. Many professions require 6-8 years of intense university studies! It’s more important that you take Grade-10 classes that suit your current ability and work ethic rather than having unrealistic plans!

Talk to a Counsellor about your plans. They can help you create a realistic high school schedule.

Why Should I Take CALM In Summer School Before Grade 10?

Over 50% of Grade-9 students take CALM over the summer (before entering high school) for a couple of reasons:

  1. They free up an extra option in their first year of high school (this is helpful for students interested in taking any combination of Arts, Tech, Trade, or a second language and could use the extra option)
  2. They meet the CALM requirements for participating in our work experience program (getting this out of the way before high school enables students to become eligible for earning extra credits from Work Experience as soon as possible)

How Many Options Classes Will I Get In Grade 10?

Most Grade 10’s will have two options classes unless you take CALM over the summer, in which case you get three options.

PE 10 is mandatory and is not considered an option until Grade 11 / 12.

What Can I Do To Fit In At High School?

We proudly advocate that our school is a friendly and welcoming place. If you smile and say, “Hello” a lot, you’ll have friends in no time. To ease this process, we have a group that welcomes newcomers and offers ‘settling in’ opportunities.

What Resources Are Available For Helping My Child Plan Learning Options?

How Do I Get Answers To Other Questions?

Contact your School Counsellors.

Grade 10 (A-K) & 12- Ms Kilbreath, (403) 938-6116 ext. 14248
Grade 10 (L-Z) & 11- Ms Dupras,  (403) 938-6116 ext. 14247