External Awards

Scholarship Resources


Alternative Awards

Use these ideas to help brainstorm potential scholarship sources:

  • Disability (self or family), ethnicity, military association, athletics
  • Parents/relatives (clubs or businesses may offer awards to family members)
  • Employers (e.g., parent’s workplace)
  • Community clubs (e.g., Elks, Rotary, YMCA, etc.)
  • Cultural organizations, religious groups, churches, and other associations
  • Banks (inquire with online banks also)
  • Professional memberships (e.g., Construction, Architectural, etc.)
  • Professional organizations in Canada
  • Trade associations in Canada
  • Canada Business & Trade Associations
  • Quirky Scholarships – a few good ideas for brainstorming alternative awards
  • The post-secondary institution you plan to attend
  • High school guidance counselor