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Mrs. A. Hegel &  Mrs. K. Wegener


Career and Technology Studies (CTS) is designed for high school students so they can explore their interests and career options. CTS offers students opportunities to develop skills that can be applied in their daily lives and improve their employability following high school.

Career and technology studies (CTS) is a provincially authorized curriculum for Alberta secondary schools designed on a pathways model to offer flexible programming using 1-credit courses. The course structure of CTS enables schools to design unique programs that meet the needs of students and draw on community resources.

The CTS program is designed to develop skills that senior high school students can apply in their daily lives when preparing for entry into the workplace or for further learning opportunities. Through the CTS program students are provided with opportunities to personalize their learning, identify and explore their interests, manage transitions between high school and the workplace or post-secondary, and develop the attitudes and behaviours that people need to participate and progress in today’s dynamic world of work.

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*Due to prerequisites, all modules in each level must be successfully completed to enroll in the next level.

Modules for Instruction:

Beginner Level – Course Fee $30

  • Cos 1
    • HSA 3900 Apprenticeship Safety
    • HSA 3406 Work Environment
    • HSA 3431 Hair & Scalp Analysis
    • HSA 3436 Shampoo & Condition Hair
    • HSA 3526 Updo and Upstyle Styling Techniques  



Intermediate Level –Course Fee $30 

  • Cos 2A
    • HSA 3421 Consultation & Draping
    • HSA 3511 Drying Hair
    • HSA 3516 Setting Wet Hair
    • HSA 3521 Styling Dry Hair
    • HSA 3536 Hair Wrapping 1  



 Senior Level

  • Cos 2B/C – Course Fee $60

Please Note:  At this level it is required that each student purchase a Haircutting Kit (Cost TBD). This kit will be utilized throughout all client service modules.

  • HSA 3411 Head Anatomy and Physiology
  • HSA 3501 Style Hair
  • HSA 3531 Style Hair Using Accessories
  • HSA 3416 Haircutting Tools and Equipment
  • HSA 3441 Principles of Haircutting and Styles
  • HSA 3446 Customizing Haircuts
  • HSA 3451 Demonstrate the Principles of Haircutting
  • HSA 3506 Styling, Perming, and Coloring Tools and Equipment
  • HSA 3541 Hair Wrapping 2
  • HSA 3566 Coloring Hair 1



Senior/Customer Service Levels

  • Cos 3A/B – Course Fee $60

Please Note:  At this level it is required that each student purchase a Male Mannequin (Cost TBD)

  • HSA 3426 Salon Operations
  • HSA 3456 Demonstrate Haircutting on Various Types of Hair
  • HSA 3461 Razor Cutting and Shear Cutting
  • HSA 3466 Clipper Cutting
  • HSA 3471 Texturizing Techniques
  • HSA 3476 Various Haircuts
  • HSA 3491 Facial and Nape Theory
  • HSA 3546 Chemical Waving 1
  • HSA 3571 Colouring Hair 2
  • HSA 3581 Colouring Virgin Hair and Regrowth



  • Cos 3C/D – Course Fee $60
    • HSA 3486 Haircutting Techniques
    • HSA 3496 Facial and Nape Hair Trimming and Removal
    • HSA 3551 Chemical Waving 2
    • HSA 3556 Chemical Relaxers 1
    • HSA 3561 Chemical Relaxers 2
    • HSA 3576 Hair Coloring 3
    • HSA 3586 Coloring Hair Using Special Effects
    • HSA 3591 Lighten Virgin Hair and Regrowth
    • HSA 3596 Lighten Hair Using Special Effects
    • HSA 3606 Specialized Services and Standards



NOTE: The Pre-Requisite to enroll in 3E is that you must have a salon job & be signed up in RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program)

  • Cos 3E – Course Fee $30
    • HSA 3775 Practicum A
    • HSA 3481 Customizing Techniques (Haircutting)
    • HSA 3780 Practicum B
    • HSA 3601 Color Corrections
    • HSA 3785 Practicum C



  Classroom & Salon/Lab Expectations:

  1. Respect yourself and others & school property/equipment—take Falcon Pride
  2. Act in a PROFESSIONAL manner:
  • Be punctual—regular attendance is required for a successful semester: all work must be completed in the salon/lab
  • Bring to class a pleasant and positive attitude (be mindful of your topics of conversation and the language you use—we service the public/community)
  • Make good use of class time—exceptional time management is essential to your success in this industry
  • Work together as a team—help one another when applicable
  • Always come prepared for class
  • You will NEED: a binder, pens &/or pencils—and bring these to class everyday
  • Professional appearance: please come to our class presentable (hair clean/combed/styled as we service our community—Absolutely NO hats, toques, belly shirts, short shorts/skirts or pajamas allowed in the Salon/class—with the first day of the school week being the exception: there are no client services on this day).  It is expected that you respect our dress codeor you will be required to cover up & wear one of our finger-waving capes/smocks.  
  • For sanitary purposes: please ensure that all food/snack and drink containers are placed in the garbage or recycle bins provided (in the hallway) — failing to do so will result in loss of privileges—eating at the work stations is unsanitary and therefore NOT PERMITTED.
  • NO Cell Phones allowed—they are to be gently placed into the “Cell Phone Bin” and once your station clean-up is completed & station is checked, you can then collect your cell phone.


*Although theft is rarely an issue, keep in mind that we are not responsible for the disappearance of your valuables—it is recommended that you keep them in your locker*


Course Evaluation:


Practical           60% (of each Module Mark—these marks are NOT entered until the end of the semester to provide each student ample time to develop and advance their skills from Beginning/Developing to Acceptable and ideally to Proficiency/Mastery)


  • Skill Development Quota
  • Professionalism
  • Final Exam
  • Senior levels ONLY: Client Services & Module Mannequin Requirements

Theory               40% (of each Module Mark—entered throughout the semester, as completed)


  • Module Exams
  • Final Exam


Senior Levels:

  •  Excessive Absences must be made up during Flex Block. Incomplete requirements will ultimately lower your module mark(s). It is your responsibility to sign in/record the day you were here and to ensure that you have not missed any assignments and/or exams required for the successful completion of each module. You are able to access marks and attendance via Maplewood—just visit the EFCHS/AHSFA webpage: 
  • You must call the salon in the event that you are going to be late or absent (and you must book yourself “off” in the Appointment book)—treat this as a salon job—respect the customer (and “employer”)—they all rely on you to be at work regularly and on time (even early!). In the event that we notice a pattern of you being absent with every client booking, leaving us to have to reschedule the service with another student, a parent/admin meeting will be held to discuss the situation—remember: Customer Service Modules REQUIRE your participation in performing customer services on actual clients.
  • It is especially important to understand that as you progress to the higher levels of the program it is expected/required that you “sell yourself” and build your own request/return client base—as a high school, we have limited loyal customers to ensure that all seniors enrolled can fulfill all client service modules.  Remember: beginning senior level students (3A/B) take priority when booking clients that do not request a particular stylist.  If this is indeed a future career path for you—your goal, and a critical component to your success/longevity in this industry, is to build your own return/request customer base: request the support from your family & friends (and friends of friends J) ... put up a post on Facebook &/or Instagram, etc. — ask any employed stylist and they will tell you building your request/return clientele base is key to your success in this competitive industry—word of mouth is the BEST form of advertisement (it can also be your worst if the client is unhappy/unsatisfied).