Concert Choir involves a full ensemble, small ensemble, solo, combined instrumental and choral works. Students who commit full time to the Vocal Ensemble group are rewarded with the highest praise at annual competitions. Concert Band runs every second day, all year. Part of the Jazz Band experience involves in concerts (daytime and evening), instrument workshops, music festivals, recording sessions and tours.

Our Music program is renown for ranking Best In Class at annual performance competitions. 

Concert Choir | Choral 10/20/30
(FNA1420 / FNA2420 / FNA3420)

Credits: 5
Prerequisite: None/ Choral 10/ Choral 20
Required for: Choral 20/ Choral 30

Learn performance requirements for full ensemble, small ensemble, solo, combined instrumental and choral works.

  • Develop knowledge of theory and choral music history
  • Sight singing skill development
  • Possible large trip, local field trip, music camp, festival and/or recording CD

Students will

  • Develop skills in listening, performing and using notational systems
  • Strive for musical excellence and positive attitudes individually and as a member of an ensemble
  • Develop an understanding of historical periods from 2000 BC to 21st Century styles; be exposed to composers from 1400 AD to the present
  • Build on understanding the art of performing
  • Develop the concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony, form, balance and expression
  • Learn the process of putting a concert together
  • Be encouraged to perform in a small ensemble or solo
  • Learn the concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony, form, balance and expression
  • Explore conducting choral performances, as senior students


Vocal Ensemble | (FNA 1420 / 2420 / 3420)


Credits: 5
Prerequisite: Audition & Intermediate music skills (including ability to read music)
Fees: Additional Fees required to cover busing, clinics, camps and tours, uniforms, etc.

Please Note: This class runs three days a week for the entire school year.  Another class will be run opposite it for grade 10 and 11  students or students through The HUB.  Commitment must be made for the year.  This class may not be dropped at the semester change.  Students must make the commitment to participate in all ensemble activities, both in and out of the school day.

Course Content

  • Performance opportunities as a large or small ensemble and soloist, workshops, music festivals, and tours.
  • Varying choral genres
  • Vocal technique as it pertains to tone, phrasing, diction, breath, etc.
  • Vocal health
  • Performance standards
  • Basic music theory and history as well as basic conducting techniques  in class.
  • Critique as a consumer and performer of music.
  • Students will apply skills and knowledge learned to the preparation and performance of high level choral music repertoire.