Chemistry 20 (SCN2796)

Credits: 5
Prerequisite: Science 10
Required for: Chemistry 30 or Science 30 (with administator’s permission). Students must have skills in basic algebra and quantitative problem solving.

This course involves the study of the following topics:

  • Solutions, acids and bases
    Properties of solutions, acids and bases, preparation and dilution of solutions.
  • Gases
    Behavior and properties of gases in terms of gas laws and quantitative analysis.
  • Stoichiometry
    Quantitative analysis of chemical reactions.
  • Chemical Bonding
    Forces that hold compounds together and forces of attraction between adjacent compounds.

Chemistry 30 (SCN3796)

Credits: 5
Prerequisite: Chemistry 20

Students in this course will write an Alberta Education Diploma Exam valued at 50% of their final grade.

The concepts build on the basics of chemical reactions and stoichiometry taught in Chem-20 and involves the study of four major units:

  • Thermochemistry
    Energy in physical and chemical reactions
  • Electrochemistry
    Oxidation-reduction reactions
  • Chemical Equilibrium
    Equilibrium, acids and bases involve proton transfer
  • Organic Chemistry
    Organic compounds as common form of matter and their reactions