Career and Life Management

Credits: 6
Prerequisite: None

CALM is required of all senior high school students, as its completion is mandatory to qualify for an Alberta High School Diploma.

The purpose of this program is to offer students the opportunity to think/talk about issues faced during high school and into adulthood by inviting them to become aware, reflective, and thoughtful participants in the choices faced throughout life. Ideally, CALM helps broaden students’ knowledgebase around issues of healthy ways of being, exploring careers and the world of work, and post-secondary life.

Grade 12 students who have not completed CALM for graduation requirements will be offered a 3-credit course


The aim of the CALM course is articulated through three general outcomes.

  • Personal Choices – applying an understanding of the emotional/ psychological, intellectual, social, spiritual, sexual, and physical dimensions of health – and the dynamic interplay of these factors – in managing personal well-being.

NOTE: Parents may withdraw students from the Human Sexuality theme by submitting a letter to the school indicating their intention to do so. These students will receive an alternative assignment.

  • Resource Choices – making responsible decisions in the use of finances and other resources that reflect personal values and goals and demonstrating commitment to self and others
  • Career & Life Choices – developing and applying processes for managing personal, lifelong career development


  • Student gain the attitudes, knowledge and skills related to workplace health and safety and examine relevant legislation required for the workplace


  • Students work on their learning/career plan and work on their action plan for strengthening skills and competencies required to reach their goals


  • Students will develop knowledge and skills relating to the changing labour market, and use this knowledge to analyze and refine personal career plans

The addition of HCS3000, CTR2310, and HCS3010 enhances the knowledge, skills and abilities to help students prepare for future careers.