Concert Band | Instrumental Music 10/20/30
(FNA1425 / FNA2425 / FNA3425)

Credits: 5
Prerequisite: Junior High Instrumental or proven musical proficiency
Required for: Instrumental Music 20/30
An additional instrument rental fee will be assessed where required.
Extra fees for items such as uniforms, trips, tours can be expected.

This course runs every second day, all year. Another course will be run opposite it for grade 10, 11, and 12 students.

Course Content

  • Performance opportunities as a large Concert Band (daytime and evening), instrument workshops, music festivals, and tours
  • Basic theory and history
  • Basic conducting in class
  • Students will apply skills and knowledge learned to the preparation and performance of instrumental music repertoire

Skills/Competencies Required for Success

  • The ability to read music notation
  • The ability to play a band instrument

Students Will

  • Develop skills in listening, performing, and using notational systems
  • Strive for musical excellence and positive attitudes individually and as members of an ensemble
  • Be exposed to historical periods from 2000 BC to 21st Century styles
  • Evaluate and come to appreciate a variety of music
  • Develop self-expression, creativity, and communication through music
  • Begin to understand the art of performing
  • Develop the concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony, form, balance, and expression

Jazz Band 15/25/35 (LDC1431 / 2431 / 3431)

Credits: 5
Prerequisite: Junior High Instrumental is suggested; (None/15/25)
Co-requisite Courses: Instrumental Music 10/20/30

This course runs opposite Instrumental Music all year and is considered lab experience, as an extension of the instrumental music classes. Part of the performance expectations includes involvement in concerts (daytime and evening), instrument workshops, music festivals, recording sessions and tours.

Students Will

  • Learn and perform a repertoire that contains a variety of jazz styles
  • Learn basic concepts required for jazz improvisation, including reading chord symbols and melodic development
  • Apply skills and knowledge learned in the preparation and performance of standard jazz band repertoire
  • Study the history of jazz and influential jazz artists