We maintain an updated scholarship chart (organized according to deadline dates) and have published it here so that you can download it to your computer to reference at your leisure. This document opens in a new window.

Apply for scholarships EVEN IF you don’t think your grades are good enough! There Are Many NON-ACADEMIC Awards!

This page provides a snapshot of options for things to consider when researching scholarships and various awards, including brainstorming ideas and alternative financial-related options.

Scholarship - A monetary award based on academic merit or excellence in a specific area of study OR personal achievements in various disciplines (athletics, music, volunteerism, etc.). In some cases, schools automatically award entrance or undergraduate scholarships to students based on grades, while other scholarships require an actual application. The application procedures are different for each scholarship so be aware of the differences.

Bursary - A monetary grant based primarily on financial need and/or special circumstances. For example, some bursaries are geared specifically for single parents, disabilities, part-time students, minorities, medical, family-related, or even students training to enter certain male-dominated fields, such as engineering or medicine. Applications for bursaries typically require you to show why you are in need of the assistance and how great your need is.

Loans - Student loans make up a significant amount of student aid and are typically provided by the government (provincial or federal) or a bank. Interest is withheld for the duration of their schooling after which arrangements are made to re-pay the loan (with interest).

Learn More About Scholarships

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