Vocal Ensemble

Vocal Ensemble Auditions

Alberta High School of Fine Arts Vocal Ensemble, under the direction of our music instructor, is an award-winning auditioned choir comprised of grades 10 through 12 ladies. The ensemble meets every second day for 90 minutes and performs a wide range of repertoire.

The AHSFA choral program participates in local, provincial, and national festivals; works with outstanding choral clinicians; and enjoys touring.  The Vocal Ensemble loves being challenged by rigorous material and expectations, and deepening their love of singing and each other.  They believe that singing in a treble choir gives them the confidence to find, explore, and harness their power, emotions, and stories as women, allowing them to share that with their audiences and each other.

They are accompanied by Greg Massey.

Do I have to be registered in Alberta High School of Fine Arts?

The VE is open to both AHSFA and ES FCH students.

How do I know if I’m ready for an audition?

Everyone is ready for an audition! What’s the worst that could happen?  At the very least you have the opportunity to meet with our instructor one-on-one and discuss next year.

At best, you’ll be recommended to Vocal Ensemble.  This would happen if you have choral experience and are comfortable singing in three part harmony; you may have taken goal-oriented private vocal lessons; you have some skill reading music.  Take a chance and audition.

What happens if I don’t get into Vocal Ensemble?

You will be placed in Concert Choir.  Concert Choir will build your skills and give you a great experience so that you can prepare for an audition the following year.  You might also wish to take some vocal lessons.  Our instructor can provide you with some names.

How do I book an audition?

To book an audition time please email Mr. Ellis at ellism@fsd38.ab.ca  Ideally, auditions happen in June, but can also be done August 29 – 31.

What do I need to do for my audition?

Typically for your audition you prepare a piece of music, preferably in the classical or musical theatre genre.  Please make sure you have some type of accompaniment (accompanist, sheet music for the instructor to play, or a backing track without vocals).

Give thought to performance and facial expression.  Memorized is best.  We’ll do some warm ups so your ear and range can be assessed and you’ll do some simple sight-reading.

Should I have a parent there?

Yes.  Parents will wait in the hall during the singing portion.  However, part of the audition is a conversation which our instructor will have with the prospective student and parent about the class and ensemble.  This way everyone is clear about the expectations.